Tuesday, May 20, 2008

God Bless the Teachers

I'm guessing that this will be the first spring of many that my knitting will be monopolized by teacher gifts and I really can't think of more deserving recipients of my hard work. Being the wife of a teacher, I know how difficult their days are and seeing as Stink-butt is part of a class of 4 year olds, I take my hat off to these ladies.

This first one is actually for her Kodaly teacher (for those of you who are wondering, Kodaly is music theory and appreciation for kids) she has also accompanied Stink-butt on a few occasions at violin recitals so we thought that it was only fair to give her something nice in return. This is a pattern called Midwest Moonlight from Interweave Scarf Style. I stash busted some Lorna's Laces DK Swirl in "Ravenswood" (possibly the oldest thing in my stash) for it.

This next one is for the aide in Stink-butt's pre-school class, she's a nice conservative older lady so I thought that a triangular lace scarf in a solid colourway was the way to go. The pattern is from Bad Cat Design called "Hydrangea shawl" but I just did the smaller version in some louet gems "Caribbean". It'll look good underneath the collar of a black jacket.

I came upon this pattern on Knitty recently and thought that it would be a quick, easy knit for a gift. I was right. This is the "Lace Ribbon Scarf" done in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock "Gold Hill" (I think this might be my favourite colourway from Lorna's. I have used it in three different weights now). I hope that Stink-butt's pre-school teacher (who I think has hippie leanings and likes to sing ALL the time) likes it. My kid never stops talking about her and the way she does things (as opposed to the unfun and mean ways that Mommy does things).

On to the socks.
These are shipment #2 of the Rockin' sock club. Everybody who knows me knows I love green so when I saw this "lucky" colourway, I was stoked to try the pattern. Before I say anything else, I want to say I dig the final product. They are cushy and comfy BUT; the pattern is weird. They are knit top down (normal), after knitting the leg you increase for the gusset, then you turn the heel, then you knit the heel flap (WEIRD!) Still, I tried something new and I like the socks.

These are just some ankle socks that I knit it a plain 3x1 rib but I wanted to include a picture to say woohoo!! Lorna's Laces yardage. I had a single skein of this "purple club" colourway and I knit this pair from it. Yes, from ONE skein. I do have small feet but Lorna's does have the best yardage for the quality and price.

This was a Cookie A pattern that I picked up from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. They are called "Sock with No Name" but I think they look like sunbursts in this "Chickabiddy" colourway. More yellow and red socks... why do I keep knitting socks in colours that I have absolutely none of in my wardrobe????
Here is a picture of SB with some artwork that she had done at the zoo. We went for a nice Sunday morning stroll (being as the zoo is just on the other side of the hill) and there is a lady with a tent set up giving demos (turns out she is has won medals internationally for body painting, not just some shmo off the street with some paints and a chair) and she picks the little ham in the front to be a model. People asked us all day long where we had it done and we had to disappoint them and say the lady was gone and she had just used Little Drew Barrymore wanna-be as her model.

These are the hubby's socks. They are a study in the unreliability of dye lots. I purchased 2 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill DK weight sock yarn "Java" (should be enough for 4 regular socks or these "Uptown Boot Socks" I wanted to make for the man from Interweave's 25 Timeless sock patterns) even though the label says the dye lots are the same, you can see that they are OBVIOUSLY not. Good thing the man doesn't care. This would drive me nuts.

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karen said...

You are so prolific! Those teachers better realise how lucky they are.. although I agree. No one deserves it more. When we get back from Vegas we should get together.. I miss you my leeetle friend! (tony montana gots nothing on me)